Case study: Hepworth Building Products

Hepworth Building Products / Hep2O


Hepworth Building Products plc


Hepworth acquired a leading manufacturer of plastics in the building sector that had developed a push-fit plumbing system. The system, whilst technically advanced and proven in use had failed to secure even 1% of the plumbing market.

Our brief

Our brief was to identify the reasons behind the poor performance and Rosslyn Research conducted a comprehensive study of the market, 
the specifiers and users, competition, trade and consumers.

The process

The key findings indicated that the market was too narrow, the positioning was 
wrong, the appearance of the product was not liked and there was generally low awareness of the product and name.
The research found some product defects to be resolved:

  • The product had to be refined
  • The product had been targeted at the narrow DIY market and needed to be repositioned
    • The professional target audience needed reassurance
    • Having ‘failed’ for over a decade, the presentation had to be changed and the product needed to be rebranded
The result

The masterstroke was the creation of the Hep2O brand name. Its subtle association with water was both memorable and brand relevant.
Most importantly it was appealing to the updated target audience of professional plumbers. A huge campaign was mounted to reassure the trade. Every plumber in the UK was sent a video and launch information pack.
Hepworth wanted a 5% market share and achieved more than 20%. Sales revenue increased by 40% and continued to grow for the next ten years.
A classic example of how market intelligence and memorable branding can achieve spectacular results.