Case study: Steinway Furniture Care

Steinway Furniture Care


Steinway Furniture Care


Steinway, makers of pianos of uncompromising quality, is one of the top 20 most recognised brands in the world. A license to manufacture furniture care products was granted to Clarecastle Group and a new company Clarecastle Furniture Finishes Inc. formed.

Our contribution

A Unique Concept: We created the three step process to cleanse, moisturise and tone valuable furniture, and of course pianos, leaving a satisfying shine and a fresh, clean and pleasant fragrance.
Innovative Product: We developed three innovative products with sector specialist manufacturer, Fiddes & Son, and designed the packaging.
Authoritative Guide: We published the Steinway guide to furniture care.
Prospectus: We researched the market and documented the prospectus to fund the new business.

The launch

Clarecastle Furniture Care was launched under the slogan ‘A trio of products that perform like an orchestra.’
Distribution was established in high profile retail stores initially in the USA.

The result

Clarecastle Furniture Care Inc. was sold to a specialist manufacturer.