Case study: Victorinox Fashion Europe

Victorinox Fashion Europe


Victorinox Fashion Europe


Victorinox, famous initially for its Swiss Army Knife, is one of the world’s most recognised and respected brands. Today, the brand has successful operations in cutlery, housewares, travel gear (Luggage), travel accessories and, most recently clothing and accessories. Victorinox Fashion was introduced into the UK market in 2006. After an encouraging start, the business declined. The company opened a flagship store in London in 2008.

Our brief

Review the Product Range: Both the global ranges produced in the USA and the selections made for the UK market.
Research the UK Market and identify the product requirements, price positioning, competition, service and delivery.
Brand perception: Assess the perception of the brand in the trade and with consumers and the awareness of the Fashion offer.

The process

The process covered an in-depth assessment of the market, competition, product needs and price positioning. The product range was assessed line-by-line and recommendations made for rationalization. Market intelligence from the trade and consumers was evaluated and the service and delivery issue addressed and a revised critical path proposed and implemented. The production process was fine tuned and modernized and design and trend colour issued addressed.

The result

A new CEO was appointed and many of the initiatives proposed were implemented very rapidly. Powerbrand Consultants interim managed the UK sales and marketing operation for two seasons with the objective to retain existing customers, restore former customers and attract new target customers. A marketing programme to integrate and leverage all Victorinox brand activities was commenced. Following the appointment of a new Sales Director in the UK the business is expanding rapidly for a solid, albeit small, base.